Cognitive Software Engineer & Innovator, Aspiring Thought Leader | MY CV

I am Innocent Charles, having a bachelor background in Software Engineering, from University Of Dodoma.I help African businesses, companies and organizations remaining highly competitive as " FAANG " giants do , simply using Data, Cognitive Engineering and Technology.

I am Cognitive Software Engineer ,Innovator ,and Aspiring Thought Leader with vast of experience and proven ability in the areas of Cognitive Engineering ,AIOps Engineering, Artificial Intelligence ,Data science and Analysis, BigData, Software Engineering ,Business strategies, Applied Research ,psychology and philosophy by using variety of industrial standard tools and methodologies to innovate, develop and deploy effective, efficient, intelligent and automation solutions in industries and societies.

I have a curious mind about People, Business,Technologies, Intelligence, and data. My all-time committed mission is on how I can help build a better Africa and world in general for everyone and the next generations.

I am Technophile 3 + years of hands on technology and my experience has been demonstrated in working with different companies, organizations, and people across Africa and the world in general as Machine Learning Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, Data Scientist, Artificial Intelligence Consultant, Trainer, Software Engineer,AIOps Engineer, Developer Advocate, Keynote speaker, Community Manager, Chief Information Officer, Tech Blog Writer, Co - Leading, Moderator and Content creator.

I love to work with people, solve problems and use my expertise in harnessing the power of data, technology, forward thinking and curiosity to create smart solutions that address complex challenges in an interconnected world in ethical way.

Generally : "Curious Minded Inspired By Nature and Future"